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Trees Farm

The trees produce WUSDs just like the miners. When you have a tree, you can collect their rewards once a day. You don't need to leave your browser open, your tree farms automatically, so feel free to close it and open just when you want to.

Every player will be able to claim their daily reward at any time of the day, as long as the player claim it before the reset.

Where do I buy Trees?

To buy a tree, you will need to have at least 5 miners in your account

You can buy trees in the menu. To open the menu, just click in the gray heart in the upper right corner. There you will find the marketplace where you can buy your trees.

Trees Price

  • Common Tree -> 6 WUSD

  • Epic Tree -> 15 WUSD

  • Legendary Tree -> 75 WUSD

Expiration and Rarity System

Each account will be able to farm with 1 tree at a time. The trees reward are higher than the miners rewards, but they have an expiration date. After 5 days claiming their rewards, they will expire and you'll have to buy a new tree.

Just like the miners, the trees also have a rarity system, but it works differently. The rarity of your tree is not random, you can choose the tree you want to buy, but the higher the rarity, the lower the supply. Their supply is refilled a little everyday and once a week it has a larger refill.

There are 3 different rarities, which are common, epic and legendary.

Note: all 3 rarities have a 5 day expiration date.

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