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Miners Farm

Your team of miners will work hard 24h a day to get your WUSDs. When you have miners, you can collect their rewards once a day. You don't need to leave your browser open, your team works automatically, so feel free to close it and open just when you want to. You can have at max 300 miners.

Each player will be able to claim their daily reward at any time of the day, as long as the player claim it before the reset.

Where do I buy Miners?

You can buy miners in the menu. To open the menu, just click in the gray heart in the upper right corner. There you will find the marketplace where you can buy your miners.

Miners Price

  • 1 Miner = 2.5 WUSD

  • 5 Miners = 10 WUSD

  • 10 Miners = 20 WUSD

The limit for your miners is 300 mining power in total.

Box Special Miners

  • Common Miner chance: 45%

  • Rare Miner chance: 33%

  • Super Rare Miner chance: 16%

  • Epic Miner chance: 6%

Mining Power and Rarity System

When you mint your miners, you will have a chance to get mining power of one of the rarities for each miner you minted.

The miners have a rarity system. There are 4 different rarities, which are common, rare, super rare and epic.

Miners' tools repair

The repair costs 0.4 WUSD per mining power. The days just count when you collect your rewards, if you haven't claimed your rewards, the day won't count as a day of work.

The renewal takes place for the entire team of miners, so if you are going to acquire more workers, wait for your 10 day cycle to end, otherwise you will have to pay the additional amount for the other workers.

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